Welcome to the “Evaluation of the Implementation of the EU Eco-label Regulation” Project Website

The purpose of this website is to support the Evaluation of the Implementation of the EU Eco-label Regulation that is currently being undertaken in partnership between Ricardo AEA and IEFE – Bocconi.
This study will aim to broadly evaluate the Eco-label implementation via a two stage approach:

  1. Evaluation of the EU Eco-label implementation to date since 2000, in terms of its efficiency and effectiveness of contributing to sustainable consumption and production across member states, and its coherence to other policy tools.
  2. Assess how the programme and plausible alternatives might perform into the future, based upon scenario development of potential change within the regulations for future implementation

The work will gather information through a combination of desk-based research and an extensive stakeholder consultation, including a survey which has been hosted on this project website. 
The survey is now closed but if you have taken the time to complete this survey we would like to thankyou for your contribution to this study.